Welcome parents and students!

                For Elementary Physical Education, my plan is to give the students their normal 20 minutes of exercise that they would receive in my class on a normal day of school.  Every day I will submit a workout on my school page online, that includes varies exercise and activities they can do at home. Some of the videos will be of me performing different cognitive skills that they can follow along with, and on an occasion I’ll submit different YouTube videos of other activities that they may do. If there are parents that are unable to access the submitted workout videos, I do have hard copies of workouts they can also do at home.

To assess and make sure the students are completing the class exercises, I will be sending home a sign off sheet. This sheet has which exercise to complete on which day, along with a spot where the parent will be able to sign off that they accomplished the activity. The students will be able to submit their sheets with the rest of their classroom work. If I have students that aren’t submitting their PE sheets, I’ll check on them by giving a call home and provide any assistance possible.


Both of my high school PE classes will be conducted on google classroom and the app Flipgrid. Through google classroom I have connected the app Flipgrid, where their daily workouts will be posted. I will post the students daily code on google classroom that will have to be entered in the app. With Flipgrid, the students will enter the code that will take them to a part on the app that has the workout and a spot where they will be able to record, and submit proof that they completed their workout. This will be a process for the first few time but i know once we get it down it will be fun for us all.


If there are any questions or concerns about my Elementary workouts, google classroom, and/or Fripgrid please email me.