Hi Everyone!

I would first like to take this opportunity to tell you how incredibly excited I am to help lead you through this new form of remote/online learning. We have spent many hours the last two weeks preparing for this transition and we hope to make it as seamless as possible.  I completely understand how this online approach might cause a lot of anxiety for you. I would like you to know that I am going to be here every step of the way to help.  We are in this together and working as a team is the best way to overcome any obstacle we face during this extended school closure.

Below you will read some very important information.  Please bookmark this page or print it off so it is easily accessible to you.

Thank you!
Kelsey Boedeker
Technology Coordinator
South Heart Public School



South Heart Public School Remote/Online Learning Platform Overview

The first piece of information I would like to talk about is what learning platform each grade will be expected to use. We have evaluated our students and decided the best way to continue learning for each grade. Below is a list for you to refer to.

Grade  Learning Platform Form of Communication
Pre-School Weekly Packets*/SeeSaw Email
Kindergarten Weekly Packets* Email/Class Dojo
Grade 1 Weekly Packets* Email/Class Dojo
Grade 2 Weekly Packets*/School Website** Email/Remind
Grade 3 Weekly Packets*/Classroom Materials Email
Grade 4 School Website**/Google Classroom Email
Grade 5 – 12 School Website**/Google Classroom Email/Google Classroom
Elem. Special Education Reflect each grade/Zoom Email/Zoom
H.S. Special Education Google Classroom/Zoom Email/Zoom
Speech & Language  Zoom Email
Interventionist/Title I  Zoom Email
Counseling Services  School Website**/Google Classroom Email/Google Classroom
Library School Website** Email
Grade K – 4 Music Reflect grade/Zoom/Google Classroom Email
Grade 5 – 12 Music School Website**/Google Classroom Email/Website
Grade K – 12 P.E. School Website**/Google Classroom Email


*Note: All items that need to be picked up weekly, will be ready on Friday morning’s from 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

**Note: To access teacher web pages, please go to http://www.southheart.k12.nd.us/, click on the Staff Tab,
click on either high school or elementary school and then find the correct teacher’s page.

Google Classroom Login Information 

Username/Email:  First.Last@southheartps.org (EXAMPLE: John.Smith@southheartps.org)
Password: Cougars20 (if this is the first time logging in)

Tutorials for how to log in are below.

When you log in for the first time, you will be required to change the password to something unique.


By Tuesday, March 30 (or preferably sooner), everyone who needs to log into Google Classroom must do so.  In an effort to avoid an April 1 disaster, I need to get as many issues taken care of beforehand. Various ways to ask for help are listed below.


Zoom Video Conferencing

If a teacher would like to have a video conference, he/she will send you a link via email to click on and join the conference.
Zoom is available on a tablet/phone once you download the application from the app store.


Where/How do I ask for help?

Because there is one of me and a WHOLE LOT more of you, I am asking all of you to follow these steps when an issue occurs.

  1. Restart Device
  2. Try a quick Google search to see if an answer can be found online
  3. Ask peers for help
  4. Check out our Facebook Remote/Online Learning Technology Help Page
  5. Ask your teacher for help
  6. Fill out the Remote/Online Learning Help Desk Ticket
  7. Email me at Kelsey.Boedeker@k12.nd.us


Does your home device need Microsoft Office installed on it? (Optional–not required)

Click here for steps to download the FULL version of Microsoft Office on a home device.

**Note: This is not required because everything will be available via Google Classroom (including an online version of Microsoft Office Applications).

**Note: In order to do this, you must be able to log into an Office365 email account.  If you do not know this information, please email me at Kelsey.Boedeker@k12.nd.us and I will get it for you!


Step-By-Step Help Tutorials

Below are beginning tutorials to walk you through setting up Google Classroom, joining classes, joining a Google Meet, and saving pictures as PDFs to send via email!


Google Classroom Logins and Joining Classes


Navigating around Google Classroom


Joining a Google Meet


Saving a Picture as a PDF Using the Notes on your iOS Device


Downloading a PDF to Your Device


I hope this web page helps you get off to a good start.  Please check back for more information and/or tutorials. Also, please rely on the Facebook page mentioned above as a FAQs guide or a place to read about possible issues that other’s have experienced and solved.  Thank you all for your patience and help!


Kelsey Boedeker
Technology Coordinator
South Heart Public School