Attention Parents/Guardians! Change in School Calendar: Early-Out days originally scheduled for January 31 and March 14 are now rescheduled to December 6 and January 10. We have NOT added early-out days, but rather moved these 2 dates. You may find the updated school calendar under the Calendars/Menus tab above.



November 13 – November 25


Monday, November 13

College Tour TBD
EBB @ Mott/Regent 4:00pm (Leave 2:15pm)
GB Practice Begins
Winter Sports Parent Meeting 7:00pm

Tuesday, November 14

College Tour TBD
EBB vs. Killdeer @ Fairfield 4:00pm
JHGB vs. Bowman County 4:00pm @ Belfield High School

Wednesday, November 15

Anacrusis Choir 7:30am

Thursday, November 16

Yearbook Mtg. 7:45am
JHGB vs. Mott/Regent 4:00pm @ Belfield High School
EBB vs. Glen Ullin/Hebron 4:00pm @ South Heart
State B Volleyball Tournament @ Fargo

Friday, November 17

Drama Productions 1:00pm (School Only); 7:00pm Public Performance
State B Volleyball Tournament @ Fargo

Saturday, November 18

Drama Production 7:00pm Public Performance
State B Volleyball Tournament @ Fargo

Monday, November 20

JHBB @ Mott/Regent 3:30pm (Leave 1:30pm)
JHGB @ Mott/Regent 5:30pm (Leave 1:30pm)

Tuesday, November 21

JHGB @ Bowman County (Rec Center) 4:00pm (Leave 2:00pm)
JHBB vs. Bowman County 4:00pm @ Belfield

Wednesday, November 22


Thursday, November 23


Friday, November 24


Saturday, November 25

GB Scrimmages (Heart River/Beach/Wilton/Grant County) @ South Heart High School 12:30pm

Upcoming Events:

November 27: BB Practice Starts
December 4: 5-12 Winter Concert 7:00pm
December 11: K-4 Winter Concert 5:30pm
December 18 – 20: Semester 1 Final Tests
December 22 – January 2: NO SCHOOL Christmas Break