Monday, September 1

NO SCHOOL! Labor Day!

Tuesday, September 2

VB (ABC) vs. Grant County @ SH 4:30pm
JHFB @ Mott/Regent 4:30pm
5/6 GBB vs. New England @ Belfield 4:00pm

Wednesday, September 3

Fall Sports Pics @ Belfield TBA
Anacrusis Choir Practice 7:30am
Music Students to Medora Musical 7:00pm

Thursday, September 4

VB (ABC) vs. New England @ SH 4:30pm
5/6 GBB @ Mott/Regent 4:00pm
Junior Class Mtg. 8:50am (Spanish Rm)

Friday, September 5

Student Council Mtg. 7:45am (Room 9)

Saturday, September 6

FB vs. Killdeer @ BAC 7:00pm
VB (A) @ Killdeer Early Bird Tournament TBD
Cross Country @ Dickinson (HRGC) 9:00am

Monday, September 8

FB (JV) vs. Beulah @ Belfield 5:00pm
5/6 GBB @ GU/H @ Hebron 3:30pm
JHVB @ Wibaux Co. 4:30pm

Tuesday, September 9

JHVB vs. Mott/Regent @ South Heart 4:00pm
5/6 GBB @ Trinity (St. Pat’s) 4:00pm
JHFB vs. Harding Co. @ Belfield 6:00pm

Wednesday, September 10

Anacrusis Choir 7:45am
Student Council Mtg w/ Belfield over ITV (SPN RM) 9:15am

Thursday, September 11

Yearbook Mtg. 7:45am Library
Music Festival @ DSU 8:00am – 3:00pm
VB (ABC) vs. Richardton/Taylor @ Belfield 4:30pm
5/6 GBB vs. Beach @ South Heart 4:00pm
School Pictures!

Friday, September 12

VB (A) @ Center/Stanton Tournament TBD
FB vs. Hettinger/Scranton @ Belfield 6:00pm

Saturday, September 13

VB (A) @ Center/Stanton Tournament TBD
VB (C) @ Bowman C Tournament TBD
JHFB @ Bowman Jamboree TBD
Cross Country @ Mandan 12:00pm


Other Important Notes:

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