Due to poor weather conditions forecasted for the upcoming weekend, the South Heart School Golf Scramble scheduled for Sunday, September 24, has been canceled. Due to scheduling conflicts and unavailable dates, the golf scramble will not be rescheduled for this year. We thank you for your support and hope to see you next year. Thank you.

September 18 – October 7


Monday, September 18

NWEA Testing (Science) 7th Grade 1st P; 8th Grade 2nd P; 9th Grade 3rd P; 10th Grade 4th P
FCCLA Mtg. 11:55am in FCS RM
JHFB/JVFB @ Bowman County 4:00pm (Leave 1:45pm)
JHVB @ Beach 4:00pm (Leave 2:15pm)

Tuesday, September 19

NWEA Testing (Language Arts) 8th Grade 1st P; 9th Grade 2nd P; 10th Grade 3rd P; 7th Grade 4th P
Student Council Mtg. 11:55am
VB (ABC) @ Harding County 4:30pm (Leave 1:30pm)
EGB vs, Beach 4:00pm @ Belfield

Wednesday, September 20

Anacrusis Choir 7:30am
FFA Blood Drive 9:30am – 2:30pm
NWEA Testing (Reading) 9th Grade 1st P & 2nd P; 7th Grade 3rd P & 4th P

Thursday, September 21

Yearbook Meeting 7:45am
NWEA Testing (Reading) 8th Grade 3rd P & 4th P
JHVB vs. Trinity 4:00pm @ Belfield
EGB vs. Killdeer 4:00pm @ SHE Gym

Friday, September 22

NWEA Testing (Reading 10/Math 9) 10th Grade 1st P & 2nd P; 9th Grade 3rd P & 4th P
VB (A) @ Dickinson High Tournament TBD
FB vs. Bowman County 6:00pm @ Belfield
XC @ Mounds View, MN TBD

Saturday, September 23

EGB @ Killdeer Tournament
JHVB @ Bowman County 7th Grade Tournament (TBD)
JHFB Jamboree @ Killdeer (TBD)

Monday, September 25

JHVB Triangular @ NE 3:30pm (Leave 2:15pm)
EGB @ Mott/Regent 4:00pm (Leave 2:15pm)
JVFB @ Dickinson High 4:00pm (Leave 2:45pm)
EBB Practice Begins

Tuesday, September 26

VB (ABC) vs. Glen Ullin/Hebron 4:00pm @ SH
JHVB @ Mott/ Regent 4:30pm (Leave 2:15pm)
EGB @ Killdeer 4:00pm (Leave 2:30pm)

Wednesday, September 27

Anacrusis Choir 7:30am
Midterm of first 9 weeks
NWEA Testing 8th Grade, Periods 3 & 4

Thursday, September 28

VB (ABC) vs. Mott/Regent 4:30pm @ SH

Friday, September 29

FB @ Beulah 6:00pm (Leave 2:45pm)

Saturday, September 30

VB (AB) vs. New Salem 5:00pm @ BEL
JHVB 8th Grade Tournament @ South Heart/Belfield 9:00am
JHFB @ Watford City 10:00am (Leave 7:15am)

Monday, October 2

JHVB @ Hettinger/Scranton 4:30pm @ Reeder (Leave 2:00pm)
JHFB @ Trinity 4:00pm (Leave 2:45pm)
JVFB @ Trinity 5:00pm (Leave 2:45pm)
EGB @ Glen Ullin/Hebron 4:00pm @ Hebron (Leave 2:45pm)

Tuesday, October 3

VB (ABC) vs. Killdeer 4:30pm @ BEL
JHVB @ Watford City 4:00pm (Leave 1:45pm)
EGB vs. New England 4:00pm @ SH

Wednesday, October 4

Anacrusis Choir 7:30am

Thursday, October 5

Yearbook Meeting 7:45am
VB (ABC) @ Beulah 3:30pm (Leave 1:45pm)
EBB @ Beach 4:00pm (Leave 2:15pm)

Friday, October 6

FB vs. Killdeer 6:00pm @ BEL (HOMECOMING)
Homecoming Dance 9:00pm – 12:00am @ BEL (Grades 9-12 ONLY)

Saturday, October 7

VB (AB) @ Trinity vs. Flasher/Watford City 9:30am (Leave 8:15am)

Upcoming Events:

October 11: PSAT (11th Grade) 8:30am – 11:30am
October 16: Choirfest @ Hettinger
October 18: End of 1st 9 weeks
October 30/Nov 2 Parent/Teacher