The Heart River Cougars athletic department is a  co-op that includes student/athletes in grades 5-12 from South Heart, Belfield, and Billings County.


HRC Coaching Staff:



Head Coach – Carter Maynard
Assistant Coaches – Colton Hill, Kyle Watson, and Will Craig
Junior High Coaches –Bryce Wigert and Rick Gordon


Head Coach – Scott Miller
Assistant Coaches – Rozlyn Cerkoney and Heather Fagerberg
Junior High Coaches – Stacie Larson and Becky Binstock
Elementary Coaches – Stacie Larson and Becky Binstock

Girls’ Basketball

Head Coach – Ronnie Stewart
Assistant Coaches – Kelsey Boedeker and Shea Shypkoski
Junior High Coaches – Stacie Larson and Shea Shypkoski
Elementary Coaches – Kelsey Boedeker and Alison Scheetz

Boys’ Basketball

Head Coach – Erik Klein
Assistant Coaches – Matt Larson, Josh Wilke, Jarred Walter
Junior High Coaches – Jody Arthaud, Carter Maynard, and Jared Walter
Elementary Coaches – Dustin Honeyman and Janelle Bargmann


Head Coach – Kurt Silbernagel
Assistant Coaches – Dustin Honeyman and Bryce Wigert


Head Coach – Kendra Schillo
Assistant Coach – Lynette Silbernagel and TBD


Head Coach – Rick Gordon
Assistant Coach – Colton Hill, Deana Lefor, and Zach Girard

Girls’ Golf

Head Coach – Kirby Robb
Assistant Coach – Tom Meyerhoffer

Boys’ Golf

Head Coach – Ronnie Stewart
Assistant Coach – Riley Mattson