School Improvement Committee

Steering Committee:

  • Jessica Geis, Elementary Principal (Chair)

  • Scott Jung, Secondary Principal/Activities Director

  • Calvin Dean, Superintendent

  • Melanie Hoff, Grade 1 Instructor

  • Rozlyn Cerkoney, Grade 2 Instructor

  • Jerica Smith, Grade 6 Instructor

  • Josh Tormaschy, Secondary Mathematics Instructor

  • Kristen Kuntz, Secondary English Instructor

School Improvement Standards

1. Vision and Beliefs–How do we improve a shared direction to improve student performance?

2. Leadership & Governance–Who are we and what are we about?

3. Teaching & Learning–How do we facilitate student academic growth?

4. Resources, Support & Environment–How do we support teaching and learning?

5. Ongoing & Continuous Improvement–How do we engage in ongoing improvement?

District Goals and Objectives

The goal of the South Heart School District is to teach students fundamentals that will enable students to earn a living, attain personal goals, and make positive changes in society.

  1. To provide a well-qualified staff to guide the learning experience and aid the students in developing effective communication skills, encouraging self-discipline, and developing proficiency in academic, vocational, and occupational skills.

  2. To teach respect for self and others through meaningful relationships among students, staff and community.

  3. To provide quality experiences and programs which promote physical well-being, sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.

  4. To use diagnostic assessment and evaluation to determine students with special needs in order to develop and implement corrective programs to serve those needs.

  5. To develop the aspects of creativity, self-expression, critical thinking, and problem-solving within the range of each student’s ability.

  6. To insure that staff, students and parents are afforded feasible participation in the development of programs and policies that meet the educational needs of the community.

Mission Statement

To prepare each student for the future and for lifelong learning. “Learners for Life!”

Philosophy of Education

The South Heart School District believes that the general purpose of education is to provide quality programs of study to make each individual a responsible and productive citizen, who is capable of reaching his/her fullest academic, emotional, physical and social potential.